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How it works?

We do not create or sell Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Youtube views or likes as other services do. Our method is fully legal and we do not violate any Social Networks terms, falsely inflating fan and subscriber accounts, as well as the methods required to inflate such counts, including use of fake accounts, automated scripts, and incentives offered to users to like Pages or follow other users. We drive traffic (real visitors) to your fanpage or website till the amount of your ordered facebook likes, twitter followers, youtube views or likes reach the amount states in your bought package. Real people visit your pages and if they like content they like them or watch videos etc.

When Will My Order be Completed?

Be attentive and check your package description again please. Each item has different period of completion at our store. A sample: our minimum package of 1000 likes for a fanpage will be done within one of the next 1-4 days and our maximum package of 100000 likes for a fanpage will be done within a few days of the next 1-12 days after your order is placed. So be attentive please and check the item description before buying it.

What Are My Order Completion Steps?

1. After you place an order, our managers send you a confirmation email about receiving it (to the email which you used for a payment,
mostly it’s your Paypal email).
2. If your order is for a big package we usually send you a request for your confirmation to make sure the order was placed by a PayPal
account holder, so we start the work only after your confirmation is received.
3. The responsible managers check your order’s details (within next 1-48 hours after the order is placed).
4. If everything is ok with the details we forward your order to a general orders queue (otherwise, our managers will ask you for
necessary additional information)
5. We start to process your order (the completion period is noted at the chosen package description).
6. Send you a report of our done work.

When Is It Necessary to Give My URL?

When you decide to purchase one of our packages enter your URL (username) in the field above the button “Buy Now” before pressing it. Processing your payment we’ll redirect you to PayPal webpage where you’ll be able to pay for the service. If you didn’t enter your url (username) by any reason or enter the wrong details don’t worry please. You can send us your correct details via our contact form with your order’s details (Transaction ID and your payment email (PayPal email, email address that you used while placing your order) at our Contact page.

What Should I Do if I Forget to Put My URL?

If you forget to give all the details (url, username, etc) necessary to process your order don’t worry please. You can send your details with your Transaction ID and your payment email address (email which you used while placed an order) to us via our contact form.

Should I Give You My Password?

No, we do not need it. We need only your URL (username) and your email address (which we will get from PayPal payment details) for contacting you while running the process. You shouldn’t give us your admin data. At the same time all the companies applying fake programmes ask you for giving those data (they would use your account for delivering fans to your page), but as a result you get your Facebook page banned and that’s all.

What are Your Guarantees and Refunds?

Don’t worry for any of your payments please. If we can’t provide the services you order in full, we’ll definitely refund you the full sum. If you have any problems with ordered services, just send us a request via our contact form and wait for our response, we’ll contact you within the next 24-48 hours (excluding weekends and national holidays). Also do not open any disputes in PayPal untill you read this FAQ page and contact us, our managers will definitely reply you, just be a little patient, we have tons of emails daily. Just send us a request and we’ll resolve any of the problems asap.

Do You Spread Out the Service Over Several Days or Longer Terms?

No, we do not spread out the ordered item over the longer processing terms. We deliver our services according to the terms specified at our packages.

Do You Provide Targeted Services?

Each of our packages is provided by worldwide traffic ONLY, so you’ll get visitors from different countries. Currently we don’t provide any targeted services.

What URLs Can’t We Accept?

We can not accept urls that contain pornography, promote hate, spamming or gambling of any kind. We reserve the right to disapprove any url that we feel does not meet our standards sufficiently. Also we won’t start the work for urls with incorrect settings, all the settings have to be public and opened for everyone, all the restrictions should be removed.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

We’re Social Media Experts with more than 8 years experience. So, we can also provide a lot of other services:

- Google Plus Ones Votes, Google Circles Followers;
- Youtube Views, Youtube Likes, Youtube Dislikes, Youtube Subscribers;
- Tweets, Twitter Followers;
- Instagram Followers, Instagram Likes;
- SoundCloud Plays, SoundCloud Downloads, SoundClouds Favorites, SoundClouds Followers;
- Vimeo Views;
- Pinterest Followers, Pinterest Pins;
- Others

You should send us a request via our website Contact form to get prices for all our services and ways of payment.

What Are Your Opening Hours?

Our business hours are 8am – 5pm (EDT) Monday to Friday. If our Support managers are offline you can leave a message via our Contact form at or via online chat and our managers will reply you shortly.

Do You Have Any Reseller Program?

Yes, we have a special discount program for the resellers. To get more details just send us a request with your monthly plans and we’ll send you the program details.