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Refund Policy

We can guarantee your receiving the entire number of Likes, Subscribers (Followers), Views and Comments at such extent as they were ordered by you. Although, it is rather difficult to define exactly the general time span which will be needed for this operation because it always depends on many additional factors that cannot be predicted by us. We may discuss with you just the approximate estimate of time for processing your order completely. That is why you cannot be provided with the full refund in case the proceedings have not been finished yet within the period of time you have estimated as appropriate for this procedure.

We are not responsible for any even partial refunding if your account has been blocked or suspended by Facebook, Twitter and other website teams because of the faults we are not to be blamed of. But due to our long period of operation we can assure you that we have never had such experience of blocking pages of our customers by Facebook.

The problem may be caused by Country, Age and Sex Restrictions which you indicate on your Facebook page. If you don’t remove them from it, we cannot account for any failures in completing your order, so we will not be able to suggest you any refunding.

  • We never guarantee any refund because of any drops or error in the System.
  • We ensure you with 100 % refund only if the Likes have not been delivered to your page.
  • All the Refund issues will be processed by us within 30 days.

Be careful to read all our Terms and Conditions concerning T.O.S. and Privacy Policy. Never make your order on this website if you don’t research everything accurately. We are not ready to give you any refund while your order has been processing, but you have just changed your mind and claim you stop dealing with us. It especially refers to the situations when you have already started receiving likes and fans from us. If you change your mind and decide not to add likes to a given url within next 24 hours after the order is placed we can’t refund you, but in case we have not delivered the item yet, you can send us any new url anytime to get likes to.

We guarantee the 100 % refund to you only if our trafficking campaign has failed and you can effectively prove it. To prove the fact of our failure, you may need to collect the information that you haven’t received any desirable results, or that you have failed in achieving success in your activity.

You may contact our Client Support group on the website to get any additional information about our Refund policy or to apply for some refund.